A classic pendant necklace has the power of transforming any outfit, whether you want to dress up or down. With each pendant designed with passion and precision by our artists, our collection of pendant necklaces at The Jewellery Society is unlike any other collection on the market. 

Zodiac Pendant Necklaces 

Pendant necklaces are the most versatile accessory. Their unique and detailed designs have made them a favourite among our customers. In particular, our series of zodiac pendant necklaces have become a standout feature for our online store.

We've engraved original designs on each zodiac pendant, and surrounded the design with gorgeous, multicoloured jewel embellishments. Designs include our unique interpretations of Leo's powerful Lion, Scorpio's determined scorpion, and so many more. The natural, constellation-inspired designs of our pendants make them perfect for both formal and casual occasions. They also make a beautiful birthday gift for a loved one (or yourself!)

The pendants are striking, but they're a modest two cm in size, allowing you to layer your necklaces and wear them with a wide array of garments and styles. They're also available in both silver and gold plating to suit your particular preference. Looking for more silver to match your silver zodiac? A pair of our mesmerising earrings will keep eyes on you all day long. 

Gold Pendant Necklaces 

If you're interested in a more subtle necklace for your collection, our demure Ophelia gold pendant necklace is just one cm in size. This delicate chain compliments any outfit, making this effortlessly chic piece a fantastic addition to any jewellery collection.

These timeless pendants are made with high quality 925 sterling.

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