If there's one essential piece of jewellery that every woman needs in her collection, it's definitely a choker necklace. Chokers were first seen hundreds of years ago, being adapted by multiple cultures, countries and ages. Their sophistication, romance, and ability to elevate any outfit,  has made them popular worldwide amongst many celebrities and fashion personalities. 

Here at The Jewellery Society, we consider it a top priority to maintain a wider selection of chokers for our customers. After all, these close-fitting necklaces come in an incredible variety of designs, a real favourite for women of all ages and styles. And the best part? Our chokers are made with high-quality material and plated with precious metals, plus our guarantee that you will be using your exquisite necklace for decades to come. 

Our choker necklaces are considered the best seller when presenting someone with a gift, or even rewarding yourself for all the hard work you have done. Need a beautiful accessory to enhance your favourite cocktail dress? Why not try the 10k gold Reign Link Chain Choker? Alternatively, we have multiple chokers that evoke the nostalgia, beauty and fashion for all styles.

Choker Necklaces for Every Occasion 

Chokers don't always have to be worn for formal events. In fact, chokers are a trendy and chic addition to any casual summer look, including your favourite t-shirt and shorts combo. They are the ideal complement to any outfit when you want a close-fitting necklace. Chokers are suitable when you are dressing up to impress at the office or just having a chilled afternoon at your favourite sushi place.

As the statement piece, your choker needs the perfect matchy earrings. A pair of our studs, available with both platinum and gold plating are highly recommended for your remarkable new look.

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